Sarah grew up in a small, suburban part of California. She loved life, her family, music and reading books. She did not, by any means, love food. Melted cheese was “chewy”, tomatoes were “slimy”, and she wouldn’t be caught dead eating seafood. When Sarah ate meals her food was strategically placed upon her plate so as not to touch; mixing was “icky”. Sarah did not dream of one day living in a foreign country or eating foods she couldn’t even pronounce, she was content living her happy life with her family, music and books. But in 2002 that all changed.  Somewhere in the back of her mind, Sarah felt a tickle. That tickle became an itch and that itch grew to a gnawing sensation that chewed at her insides. It was a need to get away, to see things that she had never seen and meet people whom she had never known. And so, off she went on a four month journey to Europe. Who would have thought that such an introverted, home-body of a person would ever strike out on her own.

The trip for Sarah was….magical. Where once there was a small, scared little girl who picked at food, life, and people there now was a strong and decisive woman who had an appetite for food, life, travel and fashion. Her life became vibrant and textured with new experiences.

Sarah now lives in the California Bay Area with her darling boyfriend of 4 years, who is always willing to play guinea pig  for her culinary concoctions, and neurotic (but no less adored) border collie. She writes, cooks, travels, designs, shops and bakes. She still loves her family, music and reading books but she’s learned that when presented with the Menu of Life that she won’t pick or order things “on the side”, she’ll mash it all together and Savor Each Bite!


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